Boardroom, Inc.

Bottom Line Inc (formerly Boardroom, Inc.) is an American newsletter publishing company.[1] It was founded in 1972 by Martin Edelston, who served as the company's chairman until his death on Oct 2 2013. The company is a member of the Direct Marketing Association. The company, doing business as Bottom Line Publications, publishes the following newsletters in print:

The following publications are now available in digital format only:

This company engages in the practice known as negative option billing.[2] Contentious cases around negative option billing often center on unwitting solicitation lost in fine print and the difficultly of reversing a solicitation once made. Bottom Line Books have received many consumer complaints about billing, for example several hundred arbitrated by the Stamford, Connecticut Better Business Bureau.[3]

The company is also a prolific sender of traditional and electronic advertising mail.[4][5]


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