Bo (Chinese surname)

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Family name
Region of origin China

Bo is a set of several Chinese family names, including 薄 Bó, 柏 Bó/Baí, 波 Bō, 伯 Bó, etc. Among these names, 柏 is the 213th most common surname in China at present, shared by at least 430,000 Chinese citizens,[1] although when used as a surname it is generally pronounced Bai. None of the other characters pronounced Bo are currently in the top 300 surnames in China, although surname 薄 is the 271st surname in the Hundred Family Surnames and is quite well-known due to it being the family name of high-profile politicians Bo Xilai and his father Bo Yibo.

Notable people named Bo

薄 Bó

柏 Bó

波 Bō


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