Bleak (band)


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Background information
Origin Rovaniemi, Finland
Genres Rock
Nu metal
Years active 1997–2009
Labels Helsinki Music Company
Members Caleb

Bleak is a Finnish rock band formed in 1997 and split in 2009. Bleak is now known as Fireal.

Bleak stuck strictly to grunge during the first years of its career. The new millennium saw the band take a short breather, but Bleak regrouped in 2002, armed with a new, broader musical outlook. Today, the band's music is supposedly a reflection of the eternally bleak ethos of the band members, coated with an earthy penchant for melody, all served continental style.

The band worked on a grass roots level for some time, and their self-financed single 'Crossword' was in rotation at several rock radio stations. Radio airplay and live performances gave them the beginnings of a solid fanbase. Asko Kallonen and Niko Nordström from Helsinki Music Company took an interest in the band and soon signed Bleak. The first fruits of the new partnership came in the form of the single 'Play', which debuted on the official Finnish singles chart at number 2. The song also found its way to the playlists of both Radio City and YleX.

Bleak recorded the album '[Burns Inside]' at the same time that Ana Johnsson was recording the album 'Little Angel' in Finland, this resulted in their collaboration for the main song for the Jadesoturi (Jade Warrior) movie "Fate" the song received the award for 'Best Nordic Song' at the NRJ Radio Awards in 2007.





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