Type of site
Search engine
Available in English, Portuguese, French, Czech, Italian, Dutch
Owner Heap Media Australia
Created by Toby Heap[1]
Alexa rank Negative increase 54,815 (April 2014)[2]
Commercial Yes
Registration No
Launched January 2007
Current status Active

Blackle is a website powered by Google Custom Search and created by Heap Media, which aims to save energy by displaying a black background and using grayish-white font color for search results.[3] Blackle claims having saved over 4 MWh of electrical energy up to November 2013,[4] a claim currently under dispute.[5] For comparison, the average American household consumes 11 MWh of electrical energy per year.[6]


The concept behind Blackle is that computer monitors can be made to use less energy by displaying much darker colors. Blackle is based on a study which tested a variety of CRT and LCD monitors. There is dispute over whether there really are any energy saving effects, especially for users of LCD screens, where there is a constant backlight.[7][8][9]

This concept was first brought to the attention of Heap Media by a blog post, which estimated that Google could save 750 megawatt hours a year by utilizing it for CRT screens.[1][10] The homepage of Blackle provides a count of the number of watt hours claimed to have been saved by enabling this concept.

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