Biringan city

Biriingan city is said to be located somewhere south of the municipality of Catarman

Biringan , ("The Black City") in Waray, the local dialect, for “hanapan ng mga nawawala”–where one finds the lost, is a Mythcal city mentioned by superstitious townsfolk of the province of Samar, where it is said the Metropolis-like city exist and hidden from plain sight (Invisible) its the embodiment of the ideal city except that the tall buildings, towers and spires are all made of jet black materials, it is also said that the streets and highways are also black as well as the cars and vehicles running through it are completely made of black materials even the food are black.[1][2][3][4][5]

Phantom buyers and shipment

There are reports of mysterious orders and business deals from this enchanted city, There was an order of luxury cars that was paid in full,but when the shipment arrives,the manifesto stated the destination,that is Biringan city[6], another case involved a boatload of supplies intended for Biringan city, which is again paid in full and in advance; this time the shipment consisted of heavy construction equipment including tractors and trucks but again the destination of these supplies and equipment is non-existent.[7][8]

Secret portals and gateways

There are said to be several secret portals and gateways to the city scattered thru out Northern Samar this are allegedly located in some towns namely Catarman,San Jorge,Palapag,Gandara and Calbayog

Allege abductions and disappearances

Their are also reports of strange disappearances around the suspected area of Birangan city,many missing person cases has sprang up through the years, which gave the region a sinister reputation. The victims ranges from farmers,fishermen,delivery crews,bus drivers along with their passengers,lost travelers and in some cases businessmen and investors lured into the city by business deals and transactions but were never seen again.


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