Bing Gordon

Not to be confused with the character from Little Britain USA.

Bing Gordon
Born 1950?
Education Cranbrook School
Alma mater Yale University and Stanford University
Occupation Partner at
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Spouse(s) Debra Gordon (née Radabaugh)[1]
Children Chloe and Allegra Gordon[2]
Parent(s) William and Barbara Gordon[3]
Awards Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences’ Lifetime Achievement Award (2011)


William "Bing" Gordon is an executive in the video game industry. He served ten years as Chief Creative Officer of video game publisher and developer Electronic Arts (EA) prior to his current partnership with Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB). He was a founding director of and is currently a board member of Amazon, Ngmoco, and Zynga.[5]

Gordon graduated from Cranbrook School in 1968. He studied drama and literature and earned a BA from Yale University. He moved to the Bay Area where he received an MBA from Stanford in 1978 after acting for a period in New York City.[5]

After working as an account executive at the advertising firm Ogilvy and Mather, Gordon joined EA in 1982 working as the marketing department. In 2005, he took a faculty chair position at the University of Southern California's Interactive Media Division after EA invested in the fledgling program. On April 28, 2008 Gordon announced plans to leave EA to join the venture capital KPCB starting June 2008.

Gordon was the recipient of the 2011 Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Lifetime Achievement Award.[4]


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