Bill Freeman (racing driver)

For the Canadian author, see Bill Freeman.

Bill Freeman is a professional racing driver, race team owner, motorsport racing enthusiast, race car manufacturer, and business entrepreneur.

Racing career

Newman Freeman Racing logo
Paul Newman and Bill Freeman at Willow Springs Raceway in 1976 alongside Bill Freeman's Porsche 911.

In 1978 Paul Newman and Bill Freeman formed a racing partnership to compete in various forms of auto racing. The Racing Team was based in Santa Barbara, California. As the team's Managing Partner, Freeman managed all aspects and operations for this professional automobile racing company.

The company specialized in Indy Cars, Can-Am, and other high-performance motorsport racing. The team raced in Chevrolet-powered Spyder NF's, sponsored by Budweiser.

The "Newman Freeman Racing" team dominated North America's Can Am series in its Budweiser sponsored Lola team. The partnership attracted several drivers who would go on to become legends in the future, included Keke Rosberg, Elliott Forbes-Robinson, Bobby Rahal, Danny Sullivan, Teo Fabi, and others. Driving for Newman Freeman Racing, these drivers won many competitions including the Can-Am Team Championship of 1979.

Paul Newman and Bill Freeman on Princess Grace's balcony overlooking the Monaco Grand Prix, 1979.

Bill Freeman is credited as the man who introduced Paul Newman to professional auto racing. In addition to the team management, Bill Freeman and Paul Newman drove many S.C.C.A. and I.M.S.A. events together, including the Sebring 12 hour endurance sports car race.[9][10][11]

Freeman was General Manager and Team Manager for Gurney Freeman Racing Indianapolis 500 CART championship racing team and partners with Dan Gurney at All American Racers in Santa Ana, California.[12][13]

Other business

In 1979 Freeman also formed Fine Sports Cars with partner Ashton Marshall, to remanufacture, restore, and offer for sale legendary sports racing cars. The company was based in San Diego, California, with a showroom, The Fine Car Store, located in La Jolla, California.[8][15][16]

In 2009 the company was expanded. Freeman, Fine Sports Cars CEO, took on an additional partner Dr. Michael Prior. Prior restructured the company operations to encompass a full range of vintage sports racing cars including both sanctioned and certified cars, established a global network of workshops and suppliers, and established a regional office in Europe.[14][17]



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