Shek Sau

Shek Sau
Chinese name 石修
Birth name Chan Shek-sau, Bill (陳碩修)
Born (1948-11-21) 21 November 1948
Hong Kong
Years active 1956 - present

Shek Sau (Chinese: 石修, born Chan Shek-sau, Bill, 21 November 1948) is a Hong Kong actor working for TVB. His son Sam Chan also works for TVB as an actor. In 2005, they appeared in a cooking show together for a Father's Day promotion.[1]


Year Film Role Notes
1958Sword of Blood and Valouryoung Yuen Sing-Chi
1977A House Is Not a Home TV series
1979The TwinsFa Mo-kueTV series
1981The Young HeroesHung Hei GoonTV series
1982The Demi-Gods and Semi-DevilsMuk-yung FukTV series
1985The BattlefieldHung YuTV series
1985The PossessedTungfong BakTV series
1987The Legend of the Book and the SwordMan Tai-loiTV series
2000Those Were the Days
2002So CloseChow Lui
2003Triumph in the SkiesPhillipTV series
2004Angels of MissionLin Hok-manTV series
2004Wars of In-LawsNing Fung-takTV series
2006Bar BenderNgai Sing-kwanTV series
2006Love GuaranteedYim Ho-kingTV series
2006Glittering DaysSeung SingTV series
2007Twins MissionMr. Mok
2007War and DestinyTakeshi MatsudaTV series
2008Dressage To Win TV series
2007-2008Best Selling Secrets TV series
2010Suspects in Love TV series
2010Twilight Investigation TV series
2011Ghetto JusticeChiang Pak-keiTV series
2011 Super Snoops Chu Dat-yan TV series
2012 The Next Magic
2012 King Maker Fan Chiu-lun TV series
2012 Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles TV series
2014-2015 The Election CK TV series
2015 Once Upon a Song Jonathan TV series
2015 Incredible Mama TV series
2015 The Menu TV series
2015 Detective Gui
2016 The Secret
2016 Kidnap Ding Ding Don


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