Bill Bertka

Bill Bertka (born 1927) is an American former National Basketball Association (NBA) assistant coach and a former NBA executive with the New Orleans Jazz. He was an assistant coach for the Los Angeles Lakers under Bill Sharman, Pat Riley and Phil Jackson among others. In 1968, the Los Angeles Lakers followed the recommendation of former West Virginia great Rod Hundley and hired him as a full-time scout.

He was named the interim head coach of the Lakers on two occasions. He was 1–1 after replacing Randy Pfund in 1994 before Magic Johnson replaced him. Bertka was 1–0 after Del Harris was relieved of his duties in 1999; Kurt Rambis then finished the season.[1]

Bill Bertka sat for a 30-minute interview with Host Ken Boxer on "Ken Boxer Live" in Santa Barbara, California (Bertka's hometown), in December 2013.[2]


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