Biggs Site

Biggs Site
15 Gp 8

Group C of the Portsmouth Earthworks by Squier and Davis
Location within Kentucky today
Location South Shore, Kentucky, Greenup County, Kentucky,  USA
Region Greenup County, Kentucky
Coordinates 38°44′8.70″N 82°54′11.92″W / 38.7357500°N 82.9033111°W / 38.7357500; -82.9033111
Cultures Adena culture
Site notes
Architectural styles earthworks
Responsible body: private

The Biggs Site (15Gp8), also known as the Portsmouth Earthworks Group C, is an Adena culture archaeological site located near South Shore in Greenup County, Kentucky. Group C was originally a large series of concentric circular embankments and ditches surrounding a central conical burial mound. It was part of a larger complex, the Portsmouth Earthworks located across the Ohio River, now mostly obliterated by agriculture and the developing city of Portsmouth, Ohio.[1] The site was surveyed and mapped by E. G. Squier in 1847 for inclusion in the seminal archaeological and anthrolopological work Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley.[2]

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