Bharat Bhari Udyog Nigam

Bharat Bhari Udyog Nigam
भारत भारी उद्योग निगम
Headquarters Kolkata, India
Owner Government of India

Bharat Bhari Udyog Nigam (Hindi: भारत भारी उद्योग निगम) (BBUNL) is a Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) of the Government of India and is the holding company for four eastern Indian engineering companies Burn Standard Company, Braithwaite & Company, Bharat Wagon and Engineering Company and Braithwaite, Burn & Jessop Construction Company. The company is Headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal. BBUNL was established in 1986 and reported aggregated revenues of 36,856,000 (US$550,000) during fiscal 2006

Flash information: The administrative control of M/s Bharat Wagon & Engg Co Ltd (BWEL), Patna, a central PSE and subsidiary of Bharat Bhari Udyog Nigam Ltd (BBUNL) is transferred from the Department of Heavy Industry, Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises to the Ministry of Railways w.e.f 13 August 2008 (AN). Government of India Enterprise, Bharat Bhari Udyog Nigam Limited (BBUNL) is a Holding Company comprising five Eastern India based engineering companies under its umbrella as its wholly owned subsidiary units. BBUNL was established in 1986 as a Public Sector Holding Company under the administrative control of the Department of Heavy Industry and Public Enterprises, Government of India. The individual subsidiary units have more than 150 years of experience.

The company is engaged in the design, manufacture, supply, erection and commissioning of a wide range of Capital Goods and Turnkey Projects required by the Core Sector Industries such as Railways, Ports, Coal Mines, Power, Petroleum and Oil, together with Construction of Highways & Flyovers.

It has an annual turnover of around US Dollar 100 million and having a total fabrication capacity of 24,000 MT per annum, employing about 3,372 skilled personnel, BBUNL group companies have been involved in most of the projects of national importance. Stepping up exports, BBUNL group today has a diverse export profile, spread around forty countries worldwide.

Group Companies

With the strength of over TWO centuries of engineering expertise, Burn Standard & Co Ltd today is a diversified company manufacturing Railway wagons & Track Equipment, Refractories, Castings & Forgings, Offshore Oil Platforms, Bridges & Steel Structurals, Steel Plant Equipment etc.

Starting with the fabrication of Heavy Steel Structurals, Braithwaite & Co. Ltd today also manufactures a large variety of Railway Freight Wagons including Special Purpose Wagons, Tank wagons, Bogies, Cranes for Ports & Dockyards and Jute Machinery.

Bharat Wagon & Engineering Co Ltd manufactures wide range of Freight Wagons, Steel Structurals for Road & Rail Bridges, Tanks for Refineries and Fuel Stations, Rollers for Sugar Mills, Transmission Towers etc.

Bridge Builders to the Nation - is how BBJ is recognised in India. Starting from Calcutta's famous Howrah Bridge to the present - Vidyasagar Setu - Asia's largest Cable Stayed Bridge - BBJ & Construction Co Ltd has been involved in the design and construction of many varieties of Bridges in India. Also the expertise available is utilised for Repairs & Restoration of Bridges destroyed by nature's fury.[1]


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