Beyazıt massacre

Beyazıt Massacre
Part of Political violence in Turkey, 1970s
Location Beyazıt Square, Istanbul Turkey
Date 16 March 1978
Target Leftwing students
Deaths 7
Non-fatal injuries
Perpetrators Grey Wolves

The Beyazıt massacre (Turkish: Beyazıt katliamı) of 16 March 1978 was the massacre of students at Istanbul University, in which 7 died and 41 were injured. The university was attacked with a bomb and gunfire. The head of the Istanbul branch of the Grey Wolves, Orhan Çakıroğlu, was sentenced to 11 years in 1980; he was released on appeal in 1982. After the 30-year statute of limitations expired the mother of one of the shooters admitted his involvement, and said he had received orders from a police officer. A witness said the police did not pursue the attackers at the scene.[1][2]


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