Better than sex cake

Better than Sex Cake

A woman blowing out the candles on a Better Than Sex cake
Alternative names Better than Robert Redford Cake
Place of origin United States
Serving temperature Chilled, or just cooled
Main ingredients Flour, sugar, eggs, filling, sugar mixture
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Better than sex cake, also known as Is It Really Better Than Sex? Cake, Better than Robert Redford cake,[1] or even Better than Best Cake is a cake consisting of a chocolate cake mix, of the makers choosing, a moist center, and whipped cream covering the exterior.[2] Some versions of the recipe are very similar to an upside-down cake. The cake's origins are unknown and recipes exist from the 1980s, but the recipe received a surge in popularity after Paula Deen featured the dessert on her series Paula's Home Cooking.

The cake's moist center is typically created by inserting a fork into the cake several times and filling the holes with a mixture containing sugar and a flavoring or fruit such as pineapple.[3][4] It is traditionally baked using a 13 by 9 by 2-inch pan and then refrigerated and eaten cold. The basic recipe for the cake has been altered depending on the tastes of the person making the cake and alternates include vanilla, banana, or candy flavors.[5][6][7]

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