Basut-Chay State Reserve

Basut-Chay State Reserve or Besitchay State Reserve is protected area of Azerbaijan, near the border with Armenia. It was established as a 107 hectare reserve in 1974 for preserving and protecting the rare Oriental plane-tree. The area of the reserve was slightly reduced by 10 hectares in October 1980. The reserve covers the area around the Besitchay of the southeastern part of Minor Caucasus.

Plane trees

The plane-trees make up 93.5% of Basut-Chay State Reserve area. In average, plane-trees live for 170 years. However, one can come across the plane-trees 1200-1500 years of age, 50 meters in height and 4 meters in diameter.

The Basut-Chay State Reserve is occupied by Armenian forces and does not operate at present.

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Coordinates: 39°03′09″N 46°36′46″E / 39.05250°N 46.61278°E / 39.05250; 46.61278

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