Bernard L. Oser Award

The Bernard L. Oser Award has been awarded since 2000 by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT). It is awarded to contributions to the scientific knowledge of food ingredient safety or for leadership in establishing principles for food safety evaluation or regulation. This award is named for Bernard L. Oser (1899-1995), a food science researcher who was involved in nutrition and food safety of ingredients. He also was IFT President in 1968-9 who the last surviving charter member of IFT in 1939.

Award winners received a USD 3000 honorarium and a plaque from the Bernard L. Oser Endowment Fund of the IFT Foundation.


Year Winner(s)
2000 Richard L. Hall
2001 Joseph F. Borzelleca
2002 Award not given
2003 Stephen L. Taylor
2004 Andrew G. Ebert
2005 Ian C. Munro
2006 George A. Burdock
2007 Michael W. Pariza
2008 Thomas J. Montville
2009 Adrianus Azzie
2010 Barbara Petersen


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