Ben Oliver

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Ben Oliver
Nationality British
Area(s) Artist

Ben Oliver is a British comics artist who has worked for 2000 AD on Judge Dredd as well as providing art for The Authority, The Losers, and Ultimate X-Men


Ben Oliver lives in Bristol, his first professional work in England came out in 2000. He started work on Judge Dredd and then illustrated the Com.x limited series Puncture written by Russell Uttley.[1]

His first professional work in America came out in 2003 when he got work at DC Comics imprints, like Wildstorm, Vertigo and America's Best Comics. He then moved to Marvel Comics where he worked on Ultimate X-Men, a couple of Thunderbolts one-shots with Christos Gage[2] and a Wolverine one-shot written by Simon Spurrier.[3]

Recent projects include returning to 2000 AD to finish of the second Ten Seconders story and to illustrate another Judge Dredd story by Al Ewing. He also returned to Wildstorm to work on "A Narrow Pass!" written by Uttley, a back-up feature running through the core Wildstorm Universe titles involved with the World's End storyline.

Oliver returned to Marvel to pencil the one-shots "Ultimatum: X-Men Requiem"[4] and "Dark Reign: The List - Hulk".[4]

He drew The Multiversity: The Just (Dec. 2014), the third issue of Grant Morrison's The Multiversity project.[5]




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