Ben-Hadad III

Bar-Hadad III
King of Aram Damascus (King of Syria)
Reign 796 BC–792 BC (possible)
Predecessor King Hazael
Successor King Rezin

Bar-Hadad III (Aram.) or Ben-Hadad III (Heb.) was king of Aram Damascus, the son and successor of Hazael. His succession is mentioned in 2 Kings (13:3, 13:24). He is thought to have ruled from 796 BC to 792 BC, although there are many conflicting opinions among Biblical archaeologists as to the length of his reign.

The archaeological Stele of Zakkur mentions "Bar Hadad, son of Hazael". This could have been Bar-Hadad III or II.[1][2]

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King of Aram-Damascus
796 BC–792 BC
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