Belarus women's national football team

This article is about the women's team. For the men's team, see Belarus national football team.
Association Football Federation of Belarus
(Беларуская фэдэрацыя па футболу)
Confederation UEFA (Europe)
Head coach Tatiana Volkova
Captain Oksana Shpak
First colours
Second colours
FIFA ranking
Current 50 Increase 1 (25 March 2016)
Highest 37 (December 2011)
Lowest 51 (September 2015)
First international
 Poland 3–0 Belarus Belarus
(Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Poland; November 4, 1995)
Biggest win
 Estonia 0–7 Belarus Belarus
(Valga, Estonia; May 17, 2000)
 Belarus 8–1 Kazakhstan 
(Minsk, Belarus; August 25, 2004)
Biggest defeat
 Ukraine 8–0 Belarus Belarus
(FFU Training Complex, Ukraine; August 2, 2014)
Belarus women's national team in the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup qualification – UEFA Group 6 match against Turkey on September 17, 2014.

The Belarus women's national football team represents Belarus in international women's football. The team is governed by the Football Federation of Belarus (Беларуская фэдэрацыя па футболу).


Belarus first appeared in a FIFA/UEFA qualification stage in the 1997 European Championship, where it was paired with the Czech Republic, Poland and Estonia. In its first official match they lost 0–1 to the Czech Republic on 7 October 1995. In May 1996 they attained their first official win by beating 3–0 Poland, which had defeated them 2–0 in the first match. They subsequently beat Estonia 0–4 and 4–0 to end 3rd, tied at 9 points with Poland. The Czech Republic qualified for the play-offs.

In the 1999 World Cup qualifying Belarus was ranked in Class B, with no qualifying options, together with Poland, Ireland and Wales. Belarus beat Wales 4–1 and tied in Wales (3–3) and Ireland (0–0), losing all other three matches: 0–1 and 3–1 to Poland, 0–1 to Ireland. Belarus ranked 3rd with 5 points, and Poland qualified for the promotion play-offs.

In the 2001 European Championship qualifying, again in Class B, Belarus beat Estonia 4–1 and 0–7, Israel 0–5 and 1–0 and Slovakia 1–0, and tied 1–1 in Romania, but the Romanians earned the spot in the promotion play-offs after beating Belarus 0–1. With this settled Belarus lost 6–1 to Slovakia in the last match.

In the 2003 World Cup qualifying, Class B, Belarus beat Bosnia 5–2 and 2–7, Turkey 4–0 and 1–5, Slovakia 3–2. They lost the remaining three games: 3–1 in Slovakia, and 2–0 and 2–4 against Hungary. Belarus was 3rd, tied at 15 points with Slovakia.

In the 2005 European Championship qualification, Class B, Belarus beat Estonia 5–0 and 1–3, Kazakhstan 0–2 and 8–1, and Israel 0–2. They just conceded two points, from a home 1–1 tie against Israel. Belarus topped the group for the first time, but there were no promotion play-offs as the qualifying system was unified for 2009.

In the 2007 FIFA Women's World Cup qualification Belarus was promoted for the First Category, and grouped with Sweden, Iceland, the Czech Republic and Portugal. Belarus won 0–1 and 3–2 to Portugal, and tied 1–1 with the Czech Republic. They lost the remaining five matches: 3–0 and 1–2 to Iceland, 6–0 and 0–6 to Sweden and 3–0 to the Czech Republic, ending second to last with 7 points.

In the 2009 European Championship qualifying Belarus was grouped with England, Spain, the Czech Republic and Northern Ireland. Belarus beat Northern Ireland 5–0, and tied 1–1 with the same opponent. They lost the six remaining matches: 0–3 and 1–6 to Spain, 1–4 and 1–3 to the Czechs and 4–0 and 1–6 to England, again ending second to last.

In the 2011 World Cup qualifying Belarus was grouped with Norway, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Macedonia. They beat Slovakia 0–2 and 2–0, and Macedonia 1–6 and 6–0. They also attained a surprise 1–1 tie in the Netherlands. They lost 0–5 and 3–0 to Norway, and 0–4 to the Netherlands. Belarus was 3rd, their best result in a top-flier qualifying stage yet.

In the 2013 European Championship qualifying Belarus was grouped with Finland, Ukraine, Slovakia and Estonia. In their first four matches they have beaten Estonia 2–1 and Ukraine 0–1, tied 2–2 with Finland and lost 3–0 to Slovakia.

World Cup record

World Cup Finals
Year Result GP W D* L GF GA GD
China 1991Did Not Enter-------
Sweden 1995Did Not Enter-------
United States 1999Did Not Qualify-------
United States 2003Did Not Qualify-------
China 2007Did Not Qualify-------
Germany 2011Did Not Qualify-------
Canada 2015Did Not Qualify-------
*Draws include knockout matches decided on penalty kicks.

Performance in European Championship

Current squad

No. Pos. Player Club
GK Inna Botyanovskaya Belarus Minsk
GK Ekaterina Kovalchuk Belarus Zorka Minsk
GK Svetlana Novikova Belarus Bobruichanka
DF Julia Borisenko Russia Ryazan
DF Maria Buzunova Belarus Bobruichanka
DF Ekaterina Lutskevich Belarus Bobruichanka
DF Anastasia Shayko Belarus Zorka Minsk
DF Oksana Shpak (captain) Belarus Bobruichanka
DF Alina Vasilyeva Belarus Minsk
DF Yana Vyshedko Belarus Zorka Minsk
MF Olga Aniskovtseva Kazakhstan SShVSM-Kairat
MF Svetlana Astashova Belarus Bobruichanka
MF Elena Buzinova Belarus Bobruichanka
MF Marina Huzarevich
MF Anastasiya Kharlanova Belarus Gomel
MF Natalia Lastochkina Belarus Nadezhda Mogilev
MF Olga Manzhuk Belarus Bobruichanka
MF Valentina Nizhegorodova Belarus Minsk
MF Olga Novikova Russia Zorky Krasnogorsk
MF Tatyana Shramok Ukraine Lehenda Chernihiv
MF Anna Tatarynova Ukraine Zhilstroy-1 Kharkiv
FW Ekaterina Avkhimovich Russia Ryazan
FW Ekaterina Khavanskaya Russia Kubanochka
FW Tatiana Loginova Belarus Bobruichanka
FW Hanna Pilipenka Russia Ryazan
FW Irina Tretyakova Belarus Bobruichanka
FW Elvira Urazaeva Belarus Zorka Minsk

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