Beach volleyball at the 2007 Pan American Games

2007 beach volleyball at the Pan American Games
Tournament details
Host nation Brazil
Dates 16–22 July 2007
Teams 32
Venues Copacabana Arena (in Rio de Janeiro host cities)
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The beach volleyball tournaments at the 2007 Pan American Games were held from 16 to 22 July 2007 at the Arena de Copacabana,[1] in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Medal summary

Medal table

  The host country is highlighted in lavender blue
 Rank  Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Brazil 2 0 0 2
2 Cuba 0 1 1 2
3 United States 0 1 0 1
4 Mexico 0 0 1 1
Total 2 2 2 6

Men's tournament

Rank Final ranking
 Emanuel Rego and Ricardo Santos (BRA)
 Ty Loomis and Hans Stolfus (USA)
 Francisco Álvarez and Leonel Munder (CUB)
4.  Jason Kruger and Wes Montgomery (CAN)
5.  Lombardo Ontiveros and Ulises Ontiveros (MEX)
 Fabio Dalmas and Nicolas Zanotta (URU)
 Marcelo Araya and Jonathan Guevara (CRC)
 Joaquín Acosta and Joseph Gil (PUR)
9.  Jackson Henríquez and Igor Hernández (VEN)
 Juan Carlos Chamy and Mauricio Recabarren (CHI)
 Jeovanny Medrano and David Vargas (ESA)
 Fabio Perez and Pablo Suarez (ARG)
13.  Julio Bardales García and Daniel Maldonado (ECU)
 Rafael Cabrales and Diego Naranjo (COL)
 Winston Calderon and Francisco Castro (NCA)
 Jorge Bolaños and José Gonzales (GUA)

Women's tournament

Rank Final ranking
 Juliana Felisberta and Larissa França (BRA)
 Dalixia Fernández and Tamara Larrea (CUB)
 Bibiana Candelas and Mayra García (MEX)
4.  Marie-Andree Lessard and Sarah Maxwell (CAN)
5.  Karina Cardoza and Mariana Guerrero (URU)
 Karina Hernández and Mercedes Mena (ECU)
 Angie Akers and Brooke Hanson (USA)
 Andrea Galindo and Claudia Galindo (COL)
9.  Laura Molina and Yvonne Soler (ESA)
 Heissell Carcache and Heidy Rostrán (NCA)
 Nathalia Alfaro and Ingrid Morales (CRC)
 María Orellana and Anna Ramírez (GUA)
13.  Maria Elena Evangelista and Jana Ortíz (ARG)
 Wilmerys Muñoz and Orquidea Vera (VEN)
 Nancy Joseph and Elki Philip (TRI)
 Annia Ruiz and Yamileska Yantín (PUR)

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