Battle of Utria

Battle of Utria
Part of Estonian War of Independence
Date17–20 January 1919
LocationUtria, Estonia
Result Estonian victory.


Soviet Russia
Commanders and leaders
Johan Pitka
Martin Ekström
Nikolai Ivanov[1]
1900 men 2700 men
Casualties and losses
32 about 300

Battle of Utria (Estonian: Utria dessant) took place during the Estonian War of Independence on 17–20 January 1919 at Utria beach.[2] It was amphibious landing of Estonian forces consisting mainly of Finnish volunteers. The leader of the landing was Estonian admiral Johan Pitka helped by Swedish officer Martin Ekström and captains Aleksander Paulus and Anto Nestori Eskola. The commander of the defending Soviet 6th Rifle Division was Nikolai Ivanov. The landing was successful for the Estonian force, making it possible to capture Narva.


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