Battle of Rawdat Muhanna

معركة روضة مهنا
Battle of Rawdat Muhanna
Part of Saudi–Rashidi War
Date12 April 1906
LocationQassim region, Arabia
Result Emirate of Riyadh (Saudi) victory
Death of Abdulaziz bin Mitab
End of Ottoman existence in Nejd and Qassim
Rashidi State Emirate of Nejd and Hasa
Commanders and leaders
Abdul-Aziz bin Mitab  Abdulaziz Ibn Saud
Ibrahim bin Aqeel
12,000 10,000
Casualties and losses
Unknown 35[1]

Battle of Rawdat Muhanna (Arabic: معركة روضة مهنا or Arabic: معركة روضة ابن مهنا) was a major battle of the Saudi–Rashidi War, during the unification of Saudi Arabia, fought between Rashidi and Saudi rabels. It occurred on 12 April 1906, in Muhanna's Gardens in Qassim region. After Ibn Saud victory in Battle of Shinanah, Ibn Rashid planned to construct a new alliance with Qassimi leaders, Ibn Saud sent his troops with command of Ibrahim Ibn Aqeel to destroy this alliance before it grows, Ibn Aqeel troops successfully killed Abdulaziz bin Mitab in the battle along with hundreds of his Qassimi and Ottoman allies. The victory of Ibn Saud in Rawdat Muhanna ended the Ottoman appearance in Nejd and Qassim by the end of October 1906.


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