Battle of Nasielsk

Battle of Nasielsk
Part of Polish-Bolshevik War
Date14-16 August 1920
Locationnear Warsaw, Poland
Result Minor Polish victory
Second Polish Republic Bolshevist Russia
Commanders and leaders
Władysław Sikorski

The Battle of Nasielsk was fought on August 14 and August 15 of 1920 between Polish and Soviet forces. The Polish launched a counterattack against Soviet forces who were besieging Warsaw.

Polish General Władysław Sikorski, commanding the Fifth Army, consisting of three infantry and two cavalry divisions, was given the task of containing the Soviet right wing formed by the Soviet IV, XV, and III Armies, consisting of twelve infantry and two cavalry divisions. The Poles took the offensive on the morning of 14 Aug., crossing the Wkra and Vistula Rivers. Gen. Karnicki raided Ciechanów and captured the Soviet IV Army's plans and cyphers. On 16 Aug., Sikorski entered Nasielsk, using tanks, armoured cars, and two armoured trains. On 18 Aug. he neared his objectives on the Orzyc and Narew Rivers.[1]:202–203

Sikorski's attacks allowed Pilsudski to launch his strike force on 16 Aug. Sikorski "had ensured the clearance of the Vistula bridgehead and the success of the counter-offensive from the Wieprz. The Soviets withdrew their XV and II armies, and abandoned the IV Army to its fate.[1]:196,203


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Coordinates: 52°36′00″N 20°48′00″E / 52.600000°N 20.800000°E / 52.600000; 20.800000

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