Battle of Laagna

Battle of Laagna
Part of the Estonian War of Independence
DateJanuary 18, 1919
LocationLaagna, Estonia
Result Estonian victory
Finnish volunteers
Soviet Russia
Commanders and leaders
220 men ? men
Casualties and losses
4 dead
21 wounded
3 captured

Battle of Laagna (Estonian: Laagna lahing; January 18, 1919) took place in Laagna, Estonia, during the Estonian War of Independence with Estonian mariners and Finnish volunteers against the Red Army.

In the morning the Estonians and Finns took Laagna village with a surprise attack and pushed the Red Army out. Against the Estonian mariners and Finnish volunteers (220 men altogether) were two regiments of Red Army infantry, two armored trains and some cavalry. The Russians repeatedly attacked the Estonian and Finnish positions with armored trains but were unable to capture Laagna and were driven back with heavy losses. The Estonian Mariners and Finns lost four troops killed, 21 wounded and three captured.


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