Battle Mound Site

Battle Mound Site
Location Magnolia, Arkansas, Lafayette County, Arkansas,  USA
Region Lafayette County, Arkansas
Founded 1200 CE
Abandoned 1400 CE
Cultures Caddoan Mississippian culture
Architectural styles Platform mound
Map of the Caddoan Mississippian culture and some important sites, including the Battle Mound Site

The Battle Mound Site (3LA1) is an archaeological site in Lafayette County, Arkansas in the Great Bend region of the Red River basin.[1] The majority of the mound was built from 1200-1400 CE.[2] The site has the largest mound of the Caddoan Mississippian culture (a regional variation of the Mississippian culture), and measures approximately 670 feet (200 m) in length, 320 feet (98 m) wide, and 34 feet (10 m) in height.[3] There are four low rises at the site that are believed to have been mounds. There are also many cemeteries, occupation areas, and other mound sites in the area that may be connected with the site.[3] Minor investigations were conducted at the site by Dr. Alex D. Krieger of the University of Texas at Austin and his assistant Mr. Lynn E. Howard, between June 25 and September 11, 1948. The field notes and a full analysis of the excavation have not been published. In recent years archaeologist Duncan P. McKinnon has been conducting research at the site using archaeogeophysical means.[4]

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