Baseball Federation of Asia

Baseball Federation of Asia
Abbreviation BFA
Type Sport organization
Headquarters Xinyi, Taipei, Taiwan
Region served
24 member associations
Tom Peng[1]
Yoshinobu Suzuki
Kim Jong-Up
Shen Wei[1]
General Secretary
Lin Hua Wei[1]
Parent organization
World Baseball Softball Confederation

The Baseball Federation of Asia is the governing body of the sport of baseball in Asia. The federation is governed by the International Baseball Federation.


The birth of Baseball Federation of Asia goes back to 1954 when the 2nd Asian Games was held in Manila, the Philippines.

Four countries/regions such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and the Philippines organized a committee aiming at establishing Baseball Federation of Asia, and May 7th of the same year witnessed the commencement of BFA.

American expatriate Charles Chick Parsons of the Philippines was elected as the first president of Baseball Federation of Asia.

The BFA became inactive for eight years following the 1975 Asian Baseball Championship. At the sidelines of the FEMBA World Baseball Championship in Tokyo in 1980, the executives of BFA discussed about resuming the activity of the federation. The Asian Baseball Championship was later resumed in 1983 which was held in Seoul. The membership of the federation grew as more Asian nations were admitted to the BFA.[2]

The total number of BFA members at the present time is 24, and 1 non-member observer State (Vietnam).


◆East Asia

◆South-East Asia

◆South Asia

◆Central Asia

◆South-West Asia


According to the IBAF World Rankings published following the 2013 World Baseball Classic, the teams of Japan, Chinese Taipei, and South Korea represent the BFA in the top 10.

Rankings as of 26 November 2014[3]
Team Points
1 1  Japan 785.18
2 4  Chinese Taipei 605.48
3 8  South Korea 340.90
4 21  China 68.25
5 23  Philippines 52.40
6 24  Pakistan 51.00
7 30  Thailand 30.50
8 31  Sri Lanka 30.00
9 33  Hong Kong 22.14
10 35  Afghanistan 18.75
11 38  Indonesia 14.00
12 49  Iran 7.50
12 49    Nepal 7.50
14 67  Mongolia 1.75
15 70  Malaysia 0.25


Current title holders

Competitions Champion Title Runner-up
Asian Baseball Championship  South Korea 7th  Chinese Taipei
Asian Baseball Cup East Division  Philippines 4th  Indonesia
West Division  Pakistan 4th  Iran
Asian City Baseball Tournament Japan Saitama 1st Chinese Taipei Taichung
Asian 18U Baseball Championship  South Korea 4th  Japan
Asian 15U Baseball Championship  Chinese Taipei 6th  Japan
Asian 12U Baseball Championship  Chinese Taipei 6th  Japan


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