Barua Sagar Tal

Barua Sagar Tal

The lake in 1882
Location Barua Sagar, Uttar Pradesh
Coordinates 25°22′05″N 78°44′53″E / 25.368°N 78.748°E / 25.368; 78.748Coordinates: 25°22′05″N 78°44′53″E / 25.368°N 78.748°E / 25.368; 78.748
Type artificial lake
Basin countries India

Barua Sagar Tal is a large lake situated in Barua Sagar near Jhansi in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.


It is a large lake created about 260 years ago by Raja Udit Singh of Orchha, who built the embankment.[1]

The beautiful temple Jarai-ka-Math, and the historic forts of Bundelkhand are nearby attractions.


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