Barefoot to Herat

Barefoot to Herat
Directed by Majid Majidi
Produced by Majid Majidi, Fouad Nahas
Written by Majid Majidi
Distributed by 2t3mtv Television Inc. (Canada)
Running time
70 min.
Language Persian

Barefoot to Herat (Persian: پابرهنه تا هرات , Pa Berahneh ta Herat) is a 2002 Iranian film by Majid Majidi. It is a documentary about the plight of Afghani refugees just after the 2001 military offensive against the Taliban.


The film was shot primarily at two refugee camps in Western Afghanistan, one called Makaki in a territory controlled by the Northern Alliance.The rest of the film was shot at another camp called Maslakh, in the city of Herat. The camps are makeshift and conditions are inhumane, making them ill-suited for families whose lives have been torn apart by war. Through interviews with peasants, soldiers, children, and the elderly, Majidi finds the human spirit intact, and still in need of joy and memories and dreams.



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