Baoshan District, Shanghai

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The mouth of the Huangpu River

Baoshan in Shanghai
Country China
Region Shanghai
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Traditional Chinese 寶山區
Simplified Chinese 宝山区
Postal Paoshan

 Baoshan District , is a suburban district of Shanghai. It has an area of 424.58 square kilometers (163.93 sq mi) and had a population of 1,905,000 at the time of the 2010 Chinese census.


The area was the scene of heavy fighting during the Battle of Shanghai.


As of 2015 many economic migrants from Chongming Island had moved to Baoshan District.[1]


The Anti-Japanese War Memorial Park on Donglin Lu has a small museum with artifacts from the Second World War and a modern glass-and-steel pagoda.


The main campus of Shanghai University is located in Baoshan District. One of several schools in the district, Xing Zhi Middle School was founded by the famous educationalist from Nanjing, Tao Xingzhi. Shanghai Xingzhi High School is also located in the district.


Baoshan District is served by the Shanghai Metro. There are 3 lines from Baoshan to central ShanghaiLine 1, Line 3, and Line 7which operate as subways, elevated rail, and light rail in different parts of the district. The 952B bus runs from Youyizhi Rd at Youyi Rd to People's Square in central Shanghai. The #5 tourist bus runs from Mudanjiang Rd to Jiangwan Town Station.

Ferries to Chongming Island operate from Wusong, Baoyang Rd, and Shidongkou. Ferries to Putuoshan are also available.


The district is home to Baosteel Group's original factory, still a major producer of iron and steel. Rovio Entertainment has its China offices in Baoshan District.[2] The Shidongkou Power Station (石洞口发电厂) is located along the Yangtze.



Name Chinese (S) Hanyu Pinyin Shanghainese Romanization Population (2010)[3] Area (km2)
Youyi Road Subdistrict 友谊路街道 Yǒuyìlù Jiēdào yoe gnij lu ka do 136,814 10.45
Wusong Subdistrict 吴淞街道 Wúsōng Jiēdào wu son ka do 104,162 7.52
Zhangmiao Subdistrict 张庙街道 Zhāngmiào Jiēdào tzan mio ka do 172,284 5.19
Luodian Town 罗店镇 Luōdiàn Zhèn lu ti tzen 118,323 44.19
Dachang Town 大场镇 Dàchǎng Zhèn da dzan tzen 371,856 27.22
Yanghang Town 杨行镇 Yángxíng Zhèn yan raon tzen 204,564 37.91
Yuepu Town 月浦镇 Yuèpǔ Zhèn yuq phu tzen 139,328 47.34
Luojing Town 罗泾镇 Luōjīng Zhèn lu cin tzen 54,329 47.68
Gucun Town 顾村镇 Gùcūn Zhèn ku tsen tzen 240,185 41.66
Gaojing Town 高境镇 Gāojìng Zhèn ko cin tzen 127,512 11.23
Miaohang Town 庙行镇 Miàoxíng Zhèn mio ran raon tzen 89,615 5.96
Songnan Town 淞南镇 Sōngnán Zhèn son neu tzen 127,347 13.65
Baoshan City Industrial Park 宝山城市工业园区 Bǎoshān Chéngshì Gōngyè Yuánqū po se zen zy kon gniq yeu chiu 18,567 4.35



Baoshan is currently served by three metro lines operated by Shanghai Metro:

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