Bank Danamon

PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk.
Traded as IDX: BDMN
Industry Financial Services
Founded July 16, 1956 (1956-07-16)
Headquarters Jakarta, Indonesia
Key people
Sng seow wah, President Director
Parent Temasek Holdings

PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk. is an Indonesian bank established in 1956. It is the sixth largest bank of Indonesia by asset size.[1]


Bank Danamon was established on July 16, 1956 under the name of PT Bank Kopra Indonesia. In 1976 the bank's name was changed to PT Bank Danamon Indonesia. Bank became the first bank that pioneered the exchange of foreign currency in 1976 and listed its shares on the stock exchange since 1989.

In 1997, as a result of the financial crisis in Asia, the Bank's liquidity problems and finally by the government is placed under the supervision of IBRA or Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency (in English known as IBRA) as the Bank foreclosed Government (BTO - Bank Take Over). In 1999, the government through IBRA, recapitalized the Bank amounting to Rp 32 billion in Government Bonds (Government Bonds). In the same year, some banks BTO eventually merged into one with Bank Danamon as one part of a restructuring plan IBRA.

In 2000, Bank Danamon again spread its wings to become the main bank in the merger of eight other BTO Bank. At this time the Bank began to emerge as one of the economic pillars in Indonesia.

In the next 3 years, the Bank experienced a massive restructuring ranging from the fields of management, human resources, organization, information systems, statutes and company logos. Endeavor to do this eventually fruitful results in forming the foundation and infrastructure for the Bank in its aim to achieve maximum growth based on transparency of work, responsibility to society, integrity as one of the economic pillars in Indonesia and professional attitude in carrying out its duties regarded as one bank the Indonesia (or better known as TRIP).

In 2003, the Bank was taken over majority ownership of its shares by a consortium of Asia Finance Indonesia --- under the control of Temasek Holdings. With the presence of the new management, the stylist dicanangkanlah replicates the business model and business strategy of the Bank in its efforts to continue to make a total change in the design that has been designed to make the Bank as one of the leading national bank in Indonesia and the bank a major player in the Asian region.

Since 2008, Bank Danamon which was then known as the Bank began to mobilize the people of Indonesia through the campaign "Untuk Anda, Bisa" ("For You, Can").




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