Bánh canh

Banh canh

Bánh canh with pork, fish balls, prawn cakes and fried tofu
Type Soup
Place of origin Vietnam
Main ingredients Tapioca flour, optionally rice flour
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Bánh canh (literally "soup cake") is a thick Vietnamese noodle that can be made from tapioca flour or a mixture of rice and tapioca flour.[1][2] "Cake" refers to the thick sheet of uncooked dough from which the noodles are cut.

The Vietnamese word bánh refers to items such as noodles or cakes that are made from flour, and canh means "soup."

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  2. Sami Scripter, Sheng Yang – Cooking from the Heart: The Hmong Kitchen in America 2009 Page 100 "The Hmong name for them is khaub piaj; the Vietnamese name is bánh canh. These delightfully chewy noodles thicken the soup a little and they soak up a lot of liquid when cooked, so make plenty of broth."
  3. The Little Saigon Cookbook: Vietnamese Cuisine and Culture in Southern California's Little Saigon "Bánh canh giò"
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