Banda Machos

Banda Machos
Also known as La Reina De Las Bandas
Origin Villa Corona, Jalisco
Genres cumbia, ranchera, corrido, bolero
Years active 1990–present
Labels MCM (1991-2006) (Today Warner Music), Sony Music (2007-)
Members Julio Cesar Guerrero(resignated)
Alejandro Diaz
Arutro Avila
Agustín Mariscal
Leo Bueno
Mauricio Bueno
Efrain López
Eleuterio Velazquez
Francisco Bueno
Javier Vidal
Rosalío Palafox
Ruben de Landa
Past members Pepe Guardado
Raul Ortega
Jose Pepe Elpidio Morfin
Bernardo Lomeli
Eric Perez
Fredy Gonzalez

Banda Machos is a Mexican band originally from Villa Corona, in the state of Jalisco. The band sings a combination of Banda music, Quebradita, and Ranchera. Banda Machos has performed songs composed by Joan Sebastian, Jose Guadalupe Esparza, José Alfredo Jiménez, Ivan Diaz, Horacio Ortíz and Marco Antonio Solís. The band has been together for over 20 years and has recorded over 20 albums.


In 1990, 13 young men from Villa Corona came together to form a musical group. They recorded and released their first album, Serian Las Dos, on cassette that same year. Composed primarily of cumbias, rancheras and corridos, the band's debut achieved moderate success. In 1991, Banda Machos issued Casimira, with the title track, Lena De Pirul, La Culebra, Un Indio Quiere Llorar, No Soy Monedita De Oro, La Cosita and Traficantes Michoacanos becoming major hits. They also interpreted El Viejo Joven and Un Cariño Como Tu, both well known songs by Joan Sebastian. The band began using their phrase Arre Machos! on many of their songs. The band's breakthrough came with 1992's Sangre De Indio, which spawned Al Gato Y Al Raton, their biggest hit at the time. Other hits on the album are La Secretaria, Y La Quiere Paco, Escuadras Del Sur, Sangre De Indio, Volvere, Mi Tesoro and Chaparra De Mi Amor. In 1993, they released their fourth album, Los Machos Tambien Lloran. The album featured Guerita, Motivos, Mi Luna, Mi Estrella, Las Nachas, La Carga Del Diablo, Las Mañanitas and Tu Abandono, all of which were popular songs in Mexico and the United States. The album cover was the first to display the band's unique costumes that they gained recognition for. This production included the essential touch of their name by what many call "El Macho" consisting of a figure with a hat and suit. It is usually black, although it has changed color. Gracias Mujer was released in 1994. Hits on the album include Las Habas, La Más Bonita De Todas, El Puchoncito, Mi Otra Mitad, Esclavo y Amo and an interpretation of Bésame Mucho. At the time, the band's lead singer was Raúl Ortega, who after this release attempted a solo career with his own band known as Banda Arre. Raul had little success with his solo adventure, so he decided to return to the band in 2001. Machos released two albums, La Reunion and A Prueba De Balas that year. His return was short-lived, and soon after he left for good.

Their success came early on in the Quebradita wave, a style popularized in Los Angeles' Latin circuit in the early '90s. In particular, their third album, Sangre De Indio (Blood of an Indian), which had their hit "Al Gato Y Al Raton" made them radio staples during the early 1990s.

Musical contributions

Along with Banda el Recodo, among other bands, they were responsible for constructing a more danceable style of traditional Banda music. This was the Quebradita style which essentially combined cumbia with banda.[1]

1990s and Beyond

The band became known early on as "La Reina de las Bandas" (Queen of the Bands), both because of their unique costumes and their early contributions to the Quebradita genre.[2]

In 1993, Banda Machos was awarded by Univisión's Lo Nuestro for Revelation of the Year in the Mexican/Regional category, achieving a Furia Musical award for Best Mexican Band. Banda Machos' "Zappa Mambo" was featured in the movie My Family, produced by Francis Ford Coppola in 1995. After 1994's Gracias Mujer, lead singer Raul Ortega left Banda Machos and formed his own band. During his absence, Raul was replaced by José (Pepe) Elpidio Morfin as lead vocalist. Mi Chica Ideal, released in 1995, had the singles Mi Chica Ideal, Usted, Te Lo Debo A Ti and Si La Miro Mañana, that dominated the charts. The album proved to be a big seller. In 1996, they followed up with Palabra De Machos. The majority of the album's success came from the singles Morenaza, Se Lo Dejo A Dios, Mala, Chiquilla Bonita and Entre Perico Y Perico. The album's cover dubbed Banda Machos La Reina De Las Bandas (Queen of the Bands), a name that was given to the band. In 1997, their album Historia Sin Fin was released with great anticipation. The title track, Ya Lo Pagaras, Muevete, Tres Minutos, Me Canse De Ti and Sentimiento Navideño were the most popular songs on the album. The band continued steadily releasing new material well into the late '90's, such as 1998's Vivir Sin Ella (which included Besame y Abrazame, Las Mafias del Norte and Sierras Milagrosas) and 1999's Rancheras De Oro. Rancheras De Oro featured En Toda La Chapa, No Compró Amores and Recuérdame Y Ven, the latter two having a music video. In 2000, Me Llamo Raquel, from their 11th studio album, Mi Guitarra Y Yo, took over radio waves in the United States and Latin America. Other songs include Fracase, Si Los Caminos Hablaran, A Capa y Espada, Los Dos Zacatecanos, A Mover El Bote and Ya No Me Dejo. After Mi Guitarra Y Yo, lead vocalist José Morfin, Mauricio Bueno & Bernando Lomeli opted to leave the band and formed Banda BM3. In 2001, with the return of Raul Ortega, Banda Machos released La Reunion and A Prueba De Balas. The majority of La Reunion featured duets with Mexican singers and two previously unreleased tracks (Muriendo de Amor and Fuera De Mi). A Prueba De Balas scored big with the title track, La Ruquita and Esa Chiche Vieja. This album was the most controversial because Banda Machos would be without their two star vocalists, as this was the final departure of Raul Ortega. In 2002, the band had not lost its essence, newcomers Eric Perez and Julio César Guerrero sharing lead vocals, Banda Machos released their self-titled album, which featured the hit, La Suegra. In 2003, Banda Machos released El Cantante Del Siglo Y La Reina De Las Bandas in honor of Pedro Infante. In 2004, the band released Pura Pasion, which featured Te Vas, La Manguera and La Noche Que Murio Chicago. Time after, Alejandro Díaz joined Banda Machos and shared lead vocals with Julio César and in 2005, Banda Machos released Alma De Fuego. La Negra Le Pone was the lead single of the album. They celebrated their 15th year as band by performing for a live audience in Morelia. The entire performance was presented and is available on DVD. In early 2006, 20 Mil Heridas was released and nominated for a Grammy for Best Banda Album. Hits include 20 Mil Heridas, Regalenme Aire, Sueños Compartidos and Chivas Del Corazón. A Pesar De Todo was released in the spring of 2007. Songs on the album include the title track, Cuatro Meses, El Chubasco, Copa Tras Copa, El Día Que Me Muera and Entre Copa y Copa. In 2008, El Proximo Tonto, the band's 20th studio album in eighteen years, was released with the title track, La Novia Coja and No Hay Problema becoming hits. Banda Machos released Estas Seleccionada in 2009 with Arremangala Arrempujala as the lead single. Other songs that generated album sales are La Petacona and Te Lavaste La Cara, El Mono No. Currently, the lead vocalists are Alejandro Díaz and Julio César Guerrero. The back up singers are Rubén de Landa and Agustín Mariscal.

Their songs are often satirical, filled with sexual innuendos and of double entendres. Among these we could include, for example "Las Nachas", "Me Llamo Raquel", "El Profesor" and "La Manguera".

Social impact

One of the songs recorded by the band was "La Culebra" (The Snake), a cover of a Cuban song. This song was played during the campaign stop, in which the PRI candidate to the Mexican Presidency in 1994, Luis Donaldo Colosio, was murdered. It is said that "La Culebra" was supposed to act as the signal to go ahead with the murder. The key stanza was where the song says "Ay, si me muerde los pies!, Yo la quiero acurruñar si me muerde los pies, Yo la tengo que matar". (If it bites my feet, I have to grab it, If it bites my feet, I have to kill it).

In the only video recording of the event, one can hear the song in the background as the gun approaches the candidate's temple.

Thanks to its album Sangre De Indio, Banda Machos was considered the creator of "The Ravine", a distinctive dance of the techno-band, as Jorge Luis Berdeja cited in an article in the Cultural section newspaper "El Universal" from Mexico in 1997, which refers to the band as an element of identity especially among Mexicans living in the United States.

20th Anniversary

This past July, Banda Machos celebrated their 20th Anniversary by throwing a party and performing live in their native Villa Corona, Jalisco. Photos of the event can be viewed at Banda Machos' official website.

Official discography


Serían las dos

1.-Pacas de a kilo.

2.-Serían las dos.

3.-Rafael ``Chori`` Hernández.

4.-Le dieron pa`sus tunas.

5.-Prietita linda.

6.-El cuaco chano.

7.-Pollitas de cuenta.

8.-La negra tete.

9.-El coyote y la amapola.

10.-La pachanga.




2.-Leña de pirul

3.-La culebra.

4.-El corrido de Lupe García.

5.-El viejo joven.

6.-Un indio quiere llorar.

7.-Un cariño como tú.

8.-No soy monedita de oro.

9.-La cosita.

10.-Traficantes michoacanos.

11.-Petronila la chilanga.

12.-Sentimiento y traición.


Sangre de indio

1.-La secretaria.

2.-40 cartas.

3.-Y la quiere Paco.

4.-Escuadras del sur.

5.-Al gato y al ratón.

6.-La divina garza.

7.-Sangre de indio.

8.-El bilingüe.

9.-Caminos de la vida.


11.-Mi tesoro.

12.-Chaparra de mi amor.


Los machos también lloran


2.-Los machos también lloran.

3.-Que murmuren.


5.-La bailera.

6.-Tu abandono.

7.-Las calles de mi pueblo.

8.-Cumbia torera.

9.-Mi luna, mi estrella.

10.-Ya lo pense.

11.-Las nachas.

12.-La carga del Diablo.

13.-Las mañanitas.


Gracias Mujer

1.-Las habas.

2.-Besando borrachos.

3.-Princesa gitana.

4.-Gracias mujer.

5.-Muevete morena.

6.-El argentino.

7.-La más bonita de todas.

8.-Entrega total.

9.-El puchoncito.

10.-Mi otra mitad.

11.-Hembras traicioneras.

12.-Escalvo y amo.

13.-Besame mucho.


Mi Chica Ideal

1.-Mi chica ideal.


3.-Ni pichas, ni cachas.

4.-Que te costaba decírmelo.

5.-El remo de Lino.

6.-Te lo debo a ti.



9.-Si la miro mañana.

10.-El plebeyo.

11.-Falda cortita.

12.-Tu otro Dios.

13.-Suave y tierno.


Palabra de Machos


2.-Se lo dejo a Dios.


4.-Soy tuyo.

5.-Esta tristeza mia.

6.-Se solicita un cariño.

7.-Chiquita bonita.


9.-Mi tristeza.

10.-El pañuelo.

11.-Entre perico y perico.


Historia sin fin

1.-Historia sin fin.

2.-Ya lo pagaras.


4.-Tres minutos.

5.-Me canse de ti.


7.-Sentimiento navideño.

8.-Nada es igual.

9.-Te voy a dar chiquilla.

10.-Volver a empezar.

11.-Llore y llore.

12.-Volver, volver.


Vivir sin ella

1.-Vivir sin ella.

2.-Besame y abrazame.

3.-Entre amigos.

4.-Me dejas.

5.-Toda mia.

6.-Las mafias del norte.

7.-La locomotora.


9.-Sierras milagrosas.

10.-La cumbia del torero.

11.-Lo nuestro ya no.

12.-Hablame de ladito.


Rancheras de Oro

1.-En toda la chapa.

2.-Mi golondrina

3.-Ya te vele.

4.-Corazón usado.

5.-No compró amores.

6.-Recuérdame y ven.

7.-El cerillazo.

8.-Ingratos ojos mios.

9.-Amor sin medida.

10.-Las rejas no matan.


Mi guitarra y yo


2.-Me llamo Raquel.

3.-Si los caminos hablaran.

4.-Mil copas.

5.-Ya no me dejo.

6.-A capa y espada.

7.-Mi guitarra y yo.


9.-Los dos Zacatecanos.

10.-Mi viejo.

11.-A mover el bote.

12.-Me acostumbre a perder.


La Reunion

1.-Muriendo de amor.


3.-Sangre de indio.

4.-Me llamo Raquel.

5.-Historia sin fin.

6.-Las nachas.

7.-Fuera de mi.

8.-La culebra.

9.-Un indio quiere llorar.

10.-Al gato y al ratón.

11.-Leña de pirul.

12.-Mi luna, mi estrella.

A prueba de balas

1.-A prueba de balas.

2.-Amargos arroyos.

3.-La ruquita.

4.-Cuando los años pasan.

5.-El bato perron.

6.-La pachanga.

7.-Dentro de mi.

8.-Esa chinche vieja.

9.-El triste.

10.-Mi único camino.

11.-No me toques.

12.-Ya le dieron pa`sus tunas.


Banda Machos

1.-Por encima de todo.

2.-Risa me causa.

3.-Linda chiquilla.

4.-Las isabeles.

5.-Aun estoy loco.

6.-La dorotea.

7.-Mil tragos.

8.-Cuando llora mi corazón.

9.-Quisieron tumbar al jefe.

10.-La suegra.

11.-Hombre malo.

12.-Como perros y gatos.


Pedro Infante el cantante del siglo y la Reina de las Bandas

1.-La cama de piedra.

2.-Besame morenita.

3.-Tres días.

4.-En tu dia.

5.-Un mundo raro.

6.-Te vengo a buscar.


8.-El piojo y la pulga.

9.-El muchacho alegre.

10.-Echame la tierra encima.


Pura Pasión 2004

1.-Te vas.

2.-Cuando estes con él.

3.-Amor de oropel.

4.-Vas a pagar.

5.-La manguera.

6.-La mujer de Chon.

7.-El mandilon.

8.-Los gustos.

9.-Padre amigo.

10.-Cuando nadie te quiera.

11.-Aeropuerto de Chicago.

12.-La noche que Chicago murió.


Alma de fuego

1.-En tu sonrisa.

2.-La negra le pone.

3.-El huerfanito.

4.-Dime tu.

5.-Chismes de vecindad.

6.-No soy de palo.

7.-Estaba sin vida.

8.-La roncona.

9.-Eres tu.

10.-La culpa del error.

11.-Eso me huele mal.

12.-La farsante.


20 Mil Heridas

1.-20 mil heridas.

2.-Regalenme aire.

3.-Como anillo al dedo.


5.-Leon rasurado.

6.-Sueños compartidos.

7.-La lamparita.

8.-Cruz de mujeres.


10.-Chivas del corazón.

11.-Cuando fuiste mia.

12.-Se tambalean.


A pesar de todo

1.-Quiero amanecer.

2.-Total ya se fue.

3.-Cuatro meses.

4.-El chubasco.

5.-Copa tras copa.

6.-El gusto.

7.-Las quedadas.

8.-El día que me muera.

9.-Entre copa y copa.

10.-Tomalo por el lado amable.

11.-A pesar de todo.

12.-Señorita cantinera.


El próximo tonto

1.-La novia coja.

2.-Dos pajaritos.

3.-Me voy

4.-Corrido de la hermana.

5.-Linda princesa.

6.-No hay problema.

7.-El próximo tonto.

8.-Fuera de la ley.

9.-Si mi tristeza se va.

10.-La escuelita.

11.-Tres cartones.

12.-Estamos a mano.


Estás seleccionada

1. Arremángala arrempújala.

2. Ciega.

3. La petacona

4. Como te atreves.

5. La computadora.

6. Te Lavaste La Cara, El Mono No.

7. La traidora.

8. Llámala.

9. Estás seleccionada.

10. Mi otro yo.

11. Los Calzones de La Dama.

12. Y Cómo Es Él.

Corridos Prohibidos en Vivo

1. Andamos Alebresstados.

2. El Más Buscado.

3. El Aguila González.

4. El Estuche Dorado.

5. Vato Jijo del Cocho.

6. El Parotas.

7. El Cerro Responde.

8. El Mango.

9. El Tarasco.

10. El Tinaco.

11. El Palomo.

12. Corrido de Juan Martha.

13. El Sonidito (Ruidito).


20 Anos De Exitos En Vivo

1. El Proximo Tonto

2. La Petacona

3. A Pesar De Todo

4. Te Lavaste La Cara y El Mono No (El Mono De Marciana)

5. Cuatro Meses (Que Se Te Quite Ese Orgullo)

6. El Chubasco

7. La Novia Coja

8. Arremangala Arrempujala

9. Corrido de la Hermana

10. Amor a La 1070

11. Nadie Te Toco

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