Banda Jerez

Banda Jerez is a Mexican banda group formed in the late 1980s. Banda Jerez's hits include "Billete Verde", "Una Mujer Casada" "Tan Bonita", "Cerveza Helada", "La Cabrona", "La Baraja","tamarindo", and "la iguana". The band was named after Jerez de García Salinas, Zacatecas, Mexico, where it was founded. Banda Jerez re-works traditional ranchera songs, from Antonio Aguilar Vicente Fernández Heriberto Lazcano and José Alfredo Jiménez . The ensemble of members consist of vocalists Marco Antonio Flores, and Rafael Juárez, and three clarinettists, three trumpeters, three trombonists, two Charchetas, a tambora, a tarola, and a tuba player. They are known for their explicit lyrics.

In July 2012, the vocalist Marco Flores was kidnapped along with a friend, and they were held ransom for about a month. His family agreed to pay a ransom of five million pesos to secure their release.[1][2]


Mujeres Y Mentiras was released in August 2007. The album contained the songs including "El Toro Bermejo" and "La Iguana". A second album was released in September 2008. Dicen Que Soy Borracho and contains 13 songs including "El Alegre", "El Negrito No Es Mio", "Te Advierto", "La Virginia", and "El Zacatecano" "los Bueyes". The third album Me Vale Ver Gatos released in October 2009, contains 12 songs including "Me Vale Ver Gatos Bravos", "La Cumbia de Remo", "El Hombre que mas te amo","Pobre del Pobre", and "Que Suene la Banda".



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