Balochi cuisine

Balochi cuisine refers to the food and cuisine of the Baloch people from the Balochistan region, comprising the Pakistani Balochistan province as well as Sistan and Baluchestan in Iran and Balochistan, Afghanistan. Baloch food has a regional variance in contrast to many other cuisines of Pakistan[1][2][3][4] and Iran.

Prominent Baloch dishes such as the lamb-skewed Sajji have gained massive popularity among different parts of Pakistan, including the food hubs of Karachi and Lahore.

Kaak, a rock-hard prepared bread, is also a notable dish.

Dampukht is also a Balochi dish which is prepared with meat and it is cooked in fats.[5]

Khaddi Kabbab is a dish in which Balochistanis cook a whole lamb or goat over a fire. Usually there is raw rice in the stomach of the lamb and the rice is cooked by the fats of the lamb. The lamb is cooked over a fire.

A large number of Baloch people living on the coastal belt eat fish in their own style.



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