This article is about illustrious person in Jainism. For Hindu deity, see Balarama.

In Jainism, Balabhadra or Baladeva are among the sixty-three illustrious beings called śalākāpuruṣas that are said to grace every half cycle of time. According to Jain cosmology, śalākāpuruṣa are born on this earth in every Dukhama-sukhamā ara. They comprise twenty-four tīrthaṅkaras, twelve chakravartins, nine balabhadra, nine narayana, and nine pratinarayana.[1] Their life stories are said to be most inspiring.[2] According to the Jain puranas, the Balabhadras lead an ideal Jain life.[3]

Nine Balabhadras

According to the Digambaras nine Balabhadras of the present half cycle of time (avasarpini) are:


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