Bala Turkvision Song Contest

For the previous contest, see Bala Turkvision Song Contest 2015.
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Bala Turkvision Song Contest
Also known as 'Bala Türkvizyon Song Contest'
Genre Song contest
No. of episodes 1 contests
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original release 15 December 2015 (2015-12-15) – present
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Bala Turkvision Song Contest (Turkish: Bala Türkvizyon Şarkı Yarışması), also known as Bala Türkvizyon Song Contest in English, is an annual song contest, inspired by the format of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The first edition took place in Turkey. Countries and regions which are Turkic-speaking and of Turkic ethnicity are eligible to participate in the song contest. Songs must be in the countries national language.[1]


Bala Turkvision is an annual song contest. Based on the similar format of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Bala Turkvision focuses primarily on participating Turkic countries and regions. A juror from each nation awards between 1 and 10 points for every entry, except their own. In the Grand Final the jury determines the winner. Unlike the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in which the winning country proceeds to host the following year's event, hosting of the Bala Turkvision Song Contest takes place in the country or region that is also hosting the Turkish Capital of Culture.[1]


Participation since 2015:
  Entered at least once
  Entered at least once, but only in a combined entry
  Never entered, although eligible to do so
  Entry intended but later withdrew
Country Débutante year Withdrawing year Returning year Number of entries Wins Broadcaster(s)
 Albania 2015 1 0
 Azerbaijan 2015 1 1 ATV Azerbaijan
 Bashkortostan 0 0 Kuray Television
 Belarus 2015 1 0
 Crimea 0 0
 Găgăuzia 2015 1 0
 Georgia 2015 1 0
 Iran 2015 1 0
Kabardino-Balkaria Kabardino-Balkaria 0 0 Elbrusoid
Karachay-Cherkessia Karachay-Cherkessia 0 0 Arkhyz 24
 Kazakhstan 2015 1 0 Adam Media Group
Khakassia Khakassia 0 0
 Kosovo 2015 1 0
Kumyk 0 0
 Kyrgyzstan 2015 1 0
 Macedonia 2015 1 0 MRT 2
Moscow Oblast Moscow 0 0
 Romania 2015 2016 1 0
Stavropol Krai Stavropol Krai 2016 0 0
 Tatarstan 0 0 Maydan Television
 Turkey 2015 1 0 TMB TV
 Tuva 0 0
 Ukraine 2015 1 0 ODTRK Odessa
 Uzbekistan 0 0


By year

Year Date Host City Participants Winner Song Performer Points Margin Runner-up
2015 15 December 2015 Turkey Istanbul 13  Azerbaijan "Cocukluk Yillari" Nuray & Ahmed 115 1  Kazakhstan
2016 TBA 2016 Turkey TBA 6 (to date)
Map showing winners since 2015.

By country/region

Wins Country/Region Years
1  Azerbaijan 2015

By language

Wins Language Years Country
1 Azerbaijani 2015 Azerbaijan


Hosts Country/Region City Years
2 Turkey Turkey Istanbul 2015
TBA 2016

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