Bagar region

Bagar (बागड़) refers to the sandy tract of north-western India and eastern parts of current Pakistan bordering India.[1]


People of Bagar speak Bagri (बागड़ी), a dialect of overlapping Rajasthani language , Haryanvi language and punjabi language of the Indo-Aryan family, spoken by about five million speakers, which includes Hanumangarh , Sriganganagar districts and some villages of Taranagar tehsil of Rajasthan ,Sirsa and Fatehabad district of Haryana , Fazilka district and some parts of Muktsar district of Punjab .[2][3]


Bagar tract is long strip of shifting sand dunes called tibba (टिब्बा) and finer lands between them called lal (लाळ ) sandy tract in along the western border of Haryana and eastern border of Rajasthan.[4]

In Haryana, it covers southern parts of Sirsa district; western parts of Fatehabad district; parts of Hisar district.[2][3][4][4]

In Rajasthan, it covers parts of tehsils of Ganganagar; Bhadra, Nohar in Hanumangarh district; Taranagar tehsil in Churu district.[2][4]

In Punjab (India), bagar tract covers Fazilka district and southern villages of Muktsar district.[2][3][5]

In Punjab, Pakistan, Bagri as minor language is spoken in Bahawalpur and Bahawalnagar district, though these are not considered parts of Bagar tract.[2][3][6]


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