Back on Track (Lulu album)

Back on Track
Studio album by Lulu
Released 7 March 2004
(see release history)
Genre Pop, Pop rock
Length 45:13
Label Mercury
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The Greatest Hits
Back on Track
A Little Soul in Your Heart
Singles from Back on Track
  1. "All the Love in the World"
    Released: 2003
  2. "Keep Talkin' I'm Listening"
    Released: 2004
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Back on Track is a studio album by Scottish singer Lulu, released 7 March 2004 as a digital download and 15 March 2004 on CD. The album includes the songs "All the Love in the World" and "Keep Talkin' I'm Listening", which were seriously considered as singles (promotional music videos for both were made in advance), but never made it to a single release, as well a new recording of her 2000 single "Where the Poor Boys Dance". With no new single to promote this album, it stalled at no.68, despite positive reviews, a tour, and many guest slots from Lulu on television and radio chat shows.

Track listing

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Keep Talkin' I'm Listening"  Bryan Adams, David Munday, Phil Thornalley 3:44
2. "Yeah, Now You Love Me"  Lulu, William Lawrie, Colin Campsie, Thornalley 2:55
3. "Slow Motion"  David Gamson, Oliver Leiber, Craig Northey, Pamela Sheyne 3:53
4. "Could I Be More Blue?"  Tim Fraser, Manikiza 4:07
5. "All the Love in the World"  William Lawrie, Jim Marr, Wendy Page 4:16
6. "Supernatural"  Lulu, William Lawrie, Geri Halliwell, Andy Watkins, Paul Wilson 4:12
7. "Roll the Dice"  Lulu, William Lawrie, Graham Lyle 3:36
8. "I Love You Goodbye"  Colin Campsie, Oliver Leiber, Thornalley 3:44
9. "Time to Fall"  Don Mescall, Martin Sutton 3:30
10. "Sentimental Heart"  Tina Dickow, Matt Prime 3:05
11. "(If You Wanna) Kiss and Tell"  Lulu, William Lawrie, Alex Golding, Harriet Roberts 3:40
12. "Where the Poor Boys Dance" (2004 version)Lulu, William Lawrie, David Tyson 4:27

Release history

Region Date Label Format Catalogue
United Kingdom 7 March 2004 Mercury Records Digital download
15 March 2004 CD 9866136


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