BZhRK Barguzin

Barguzin BZhRK
Type Intercontinental ballistic missile
Place of origin Russia
Service history
In service development, projectual
Used by Russian Strategic Missile Troops
Production history
Designer Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology
Manufacturer Votkinsk Machine Building Plant Krasnoyarsk Machine-Building Plant , KBKhA , ЦКБ Титан
Produced nd
Weight 45–50 ton each missile
Length 20–30 m
Warhead up to 10 < 16, var. TNW MIRV MaRV HGV other (var. types, 6 to < 15 yield < 960 kt to 100 kt (single RV within or > 25 Mt), 1 - 4 to 8 yield 200 kt to < 5 Mt each)

Engine Three-stage solid-fuel rocket or 3rd, 4th (warhead) liquid
Propellant solid, third or fourth stage – warhead block can be liquid like other ICBM SLBM active or project test other
12,600 km (7,800 mi)
Inertial with GLONASS, astrocelestial
railway train TEL

The RS-27 (?) or SS-X-31\32Zh (?) Barguzin BZhRK БЖРК Project on development for RVSN, replacement of the previous railway missile train intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) Molodets BZhRK БЖРК SS-24 Scalpel. BZhRK stands for ru:Боевой железнодорожный ракетный комплекс (railway missile train).

Until 2014 it was not clear whether the missile would be based on Yars, Bulava, SS-24 Scalpel, Rubezh Avangard, maybe some from SS-15 Scrooge, SS-N-20 Sturgeon and SS-N-28 developments.

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