Type Weekly newspaper
Format Tabloid
Founded January 1972
Political alignment Economic liberalism
Headquarters Montevideo, Uruguay
Website www.busqueda.com.uy

Búsqueda is a Uruguayan weekly newspaper published since 1972.

General information

It has national coverage and is printed on white tabloid paper; only advertisements are coloured. Búsqueda used to feature only political and economic news, but culture, science, health, humour and sports sections were added later. Since 2000, a women's magazine named Galería is sold together with Búsqueda.

Opinions tend to be concentrated in columns and editorials, mostly with a classical liberal view. Photographs are small and never used in politics and economy sections. According to The New York Times, sociologist César Aguiar noted that "Citibank and the Communist Party [of Uruguay] both advertise in its pages".[1]

Together with Brecha, it is considered one of the two most influential political weekly newspapers in Uruguay.[2]


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