Aziz Sedky

Aziz Sedky
Prime Minister of Egypt
In office
17 January 1972  26 March 1973
President Anwar Sadat
Preceded by Mahmoud Fawzi
Succeeded by Anwar Sadat
Personal details
Born 1 July 1920
Egypt Cairo, Egypt
Died 25 January 2008 (aged 87)
France Paris, France
Political party Arab Socialist Union
Spouse(s) Leila Sioufi
Religion Muslim

Aziz Sedky (Arabic: عزيز صدقي, IPA: [ʕæˈziːz ˈsedʔi]; 1 July 1920 25 January 2008) was an Egyptian politician and engineer.[1] Sedky served as the Prime Minister of Egypt from 17 January 1972 until 26 March 1973. He was nicknamed the "father of Egyptian industry."[1]

Early life and education

Aziz Sedky was born in Cairo, Egypt, on 1 July 1920.[1] He graduated with a degree in engineering from Cairo University in 1944.[1] He went on to earn a doctorate in economic planning from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts[1]


Sedky was appointed as a technical adviser to the Egyptian prime minister's office in 1955, a few years after the Egyptian Revolution of 1952.[1] He next served as a full-time member of the services board until 1956.[1]

In 1956, Sedky was appointed as Egypt's Minister of Industry by Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser.[1] Among Sedky's tasks as Minister was the supervision of an industrialization program, which was financed by the Soviet Union.[1] The Soviets were, at the time, an important ally of the Egpytian government. Sedky launched a five-year industrialization plan in 1957.[1] This initiative was later merged into a "general five-year development plan", which lasted from 1961 until 1965.[1]

Sedky was promoted to Deputy Prime Minister for Industry and Mineral resources in 1964.[1] Simultaneously, he also became the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources in 1964 as well.[1] In November 1970, Sedky was further elevated to Egypt's deputy prime minister for production and trade.[1]

Sedky became Prime Minister of Egypt on 17 January 1972, following the resignation of Mahmoud Fawzi.[1] He remained Prime Minister until 26 March 1973 when he was succeeded as Prime Minister by Anwar Sadat.[1]


Aziz Sedky died at the age of 87 on 25 January 2008, at the Hospital Europeen Georges Pompidou in Paris, France.[1]


Political offices
Preceded by
Mahmoud Fawzi
Prime Minister of Egypt
17 January 1972 26 March 1973
Succeeded by
Anwar Sadat
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