Avram Bunaciu

Avram Bunaciu
Minister of Justice of Romania
In office
March 25, 1948  September 23, 1949
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania
In office
January 23, 1958  March 20, 1961
Prime Minister Chivu Stoica
Preceded by Ion Gheorghe Maurer
Succeeded by Corneliu Mănescu
acting President of the State Council
In office
March 19, 1965  March 24, 1965
Personal details
Born (1909-11-11)November 11, 1909
Transylvania, Romania
Died 1983 (1984) (aged 74)

Avram Bunaciu (Romanian pronunciation: [aˈvram buˈnat͡ʃju]; November 11, 1909 – 1983) was a Romanian communist politician who served as the Minister of Justice, Minister of Foreign Affairs and was the acting President of the State Council of Romania.

Early life

Bunaciu was born in Transylvania. He was a communist intellectual during World War II and had several high ranking positions after the war, mostly within the Ministry of Justice.[1] Bunaciu was a lawyer by profession and close ally to Ion Gheorghe Maurer with whom he defended communists at pre-war trials and was also close to Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej who eventually became the President of Romania.[2] After the war, Bunaciu was the Chief Public Prosecutor at Cluj tribunal which was set up on June 22, 1945 to prosecute war criminals. There were two tribunals in the post-war Romania (one in Bucharest and one in Cluj) which were charged with trials of individuals involved in war crimes. Bunaciu was involved in prosecuting mainly crimes committed by Hungarian authorities and their collaborators in Northern Transylvania while the Bucharest tribunal mostly dealt with crimes perpetrated by Romanians under Marshal Antonescu.[3]

Political career

Bunaciu served as the Minister of Justice of Romania from March 25, 1948 until September 23, 1949.[4] In 1952, Bunaciu was appointed Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs when Ana Pauker was the minister.[2] At the time he also was the Chairman of the National Assembly for the Application of Constitution.[1] When Pauker was sacked by the communist leadership aided by Joseph Stalin, Bunaciu left the foreign service and became the rector of the Bucharest University in 1954.[2] On January 23, 1958 he was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs.[5] On March 20, 1961, when he left the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he was elected the Vice President of the State Council.[2] From March 19 to March 24, 1965, before Nicolae Ceaușescu came to power, he was the acting President of State Council.[6][7]

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