Autostrada A29 (Italy)

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A29 Motorway
Autostrada A29
Route information
Length: 119 km (74 mi)
Major junctions
From: Palermo
To: Mazara del Vallo
Regions: Sicily
Highway system
Autostrade of Italy
The A29 and its branches.

The Autostrada A29 is a 119 km (74 mi) motorway on the island of Sicily that links Palermo to Mazara del Vallo. The motorway is also called Autostrada del Sale (Motorway of Salt) because one of its branches ends at the Salt Pans between Marsala and Trapani. It's a four-lane motorway in its whole length.

A29 entirely toll-free and managed by ANAS.

Palermo - Mazara del Vallo

R40 - Palermo's Ring Road 0,0 115,7 PA
Zona Industriale Nord assente 114,3 PA
Ospedale "Vincenzo Cervello" assente 113,9 PA
Palermo Mondello 2,5 113,2 PA
Capaci - Isola delle Femmine4,5 111,2 PA
Carini7,8 107,9 PA
Palermo International Airport12,0 103,7 PA
Villagrazia di Carini14,3 101,4 PA
Cinisi19,1 95,6 PA
Terrasini23,6 92,1 PA
Montelepre29,1 86,6 PA
Partinico31,1 84,6 PA
Balestrate40,1 75,6 PA
Alcamo Est45,4 70,3 TP
Castellammare del Golfo48,0 67,7 TP
Alcamo Ovest51,7 64,0 TP
Trapani - Alcamo53,7 62,0 TP
Gallitello Calatafimi-Segesta65,7 50,0 TP
Salemi76,5 39,2 TP
Santa Ninfa84,5 31,2 TP
Castelvetrano93,8 21,9 TP
Campobello di Mazara98,5 17,2 TP
Mazara del Vallo114,5 1,2 TP
Sud Occidentale Sicula115,70,0 TP

A29dir Diramazione Alcamo-Birgi

The viaduct "Caldo" of the A29dir near Segesta.

Also called Autostrada del Sale (The motorway of the Salt).

Palermo - Mazara del Vallo 0,0 43,7 TP
Calatafimi-Segesta 8,7 35,0 TP
Trapani Fulgatore 20,6 23,1 TP
Dattilo - Paceco29,2 14,5 TP
Trapani30,6 13,1 TP
Sud Occidentale Sicula - direction Marsala 21 km36,0 7,7 TP
Trapani Marausa 41,7 2,0 TP
Trapani-Birgi Airport 43,7 0,0 TP
SP 21 direzione Marsala43,70,0 TP
Marsala60,00,0 TP

A29dir Diramazione to Trapani

Alcamo - Birgi 0,0 8,3 TP
Trapani 8,3 0,0 TP
Scorrimento Villa Rosina 11,6

A29dir to Palermo Airport

A29dir Palermo International Airport
Palermo - Mazara del Vallo 0,0 4,1 PA
Marina di Cinisi0,63,5 PA
Palermo International Airport 4,1 0,0 PA
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