Australian Labor Party leadership spill, 2005

Australian Labor Party
Leadership spill, 2005
28 January 2005 (2005-01-28)

Candidate Kim Beazley
Caucus vote Won unopposed

Leader before election

Mark Latham

Elected Leader

Kim Beazley

A leadership spill of the Australian Labor Party (ALP), the official opposition party in the Parliament of Australia, was held on 28 January 2005.[1] The outgoing Opposition Leader, Mark Latham, stood down 13 months after assuming the leadership in December 2003. Kim Beazley was the only contender for the ballot, and was therefore elected unopposed.


Mark Latham became leader in December 2003 after Simon Crean stood down after losing support from his caucus. However, Latham went on to lose the federal election in October 2004. Latham stayed on as leader after the election, until January 18, 2005 when Latham stood down, citing ill health.

Potential candidates named in the press and elsewhere

The following individuals ruled themselves out as candidates or were the subject of media speculation but did not stand:

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