Auckland Exhibition

The Auckland Exhibition was a world's fair held in Auckland Domain Park, Auckland, New Zealand in 1913 and 1914.[1]


The Auckland Industrial, Agricultural and Mining Exhibition[2] the fair was opened on 1 December by the chairman of the fair (George Elliott) with the prime minister (William Massey) and Auckland's mayor (Peter Dignan) in attendance. A message of welcome was read from the king.[3] There were 18000 attendees on the opening day.[2] It ran until 18 April 1914[4]

Entrance to the fair

Exhibits and entertainment

Exhibition buildings included a concert hall, art gallery,[5] machinery court,[6] palace of industries[7] and exhibition tower[8]

Entertainments in the fair's Wonderland[8] included water shute, tobaggons, a figure 8 railway[2] and a tea room[5]

Postage Stamps

Forged overprints on 1913 New Zealand stamps.

Stamps were issued to mark the exhibition, but although the monarch was now George V the stamps commemorating the event were overprints of Edward VII stamps.[9] Few were sold, and forgeries are now common.[9]


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