Atuagkat Bookstore

Atuagkat Bookstore
Industry Bookstore
Founded 1976
Headquarters Nuuk, Greenland
Area served
Key people
Dorthe and Claus Jordening[1]
Products Books

Atuagkat Bookstore (Danish: Atuagkat Boghandel) is a bookstore in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, located 100 m (330 ft) north of the Katuaq Culture Centre in the Nuuk Centrum. Founded in 1976,[1] it is the largest and the oldest privately owned bookstore in the country.[1][2]

The selection at the bookstore is limited to high-importance publications related to the Arctic, with a focus on Greenland,[3] its history, culture, nature, economy, and politics, including publications from the Government of Greenland and the Documentation Centre on Children and Youth (MIPI, from the Greenlandic Meeqqat Inuusuttullu Pillugit Ilisimasaqarfik), in cooperation with the Ministry for Social Affairs.[2][4]

Atuagkat does not carry genre fiction, focusing instead on literary fiction from both Greenland and Denmark.[5] The bookstore also carries a comprehensive collection of maps of Greenland, including maps of the Northeast Greenland National Park.[6]

Coordinates: 64°10′40.8″N 51°44′20.7″W / 64.178000°N 51.739083°W / 64.178000; -51.739083


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