Athlone Pursuivant

Athlone Pursuivant of Arms (or Athlone Pursuivant) was a junior officer of arms in Ireland, founded 1552 during the reign of Edward VI, King of England and King of Ireland, and was named for the town of Athlone, Co. Roscommon (in the province of Connacht). The other heraldic offices of Ireland being the Ulster King of Arms (Ulster), the Dublin Herald (Leinster) and the Cork Herald (Munster).

The Order of St. Patrick was instituted by George III 5 Feb 1783 and the Athlone Persuivant became one of its officers thereafter, being 12th in order of precedence. There are no living members of the Order.

Literary Reference

James Joyce mentioned the office in 'Ulysses' and again in 'Finnegans Wake' as the "Athlone Poursuivant".

List of holders with recorded years in office

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On the death of Burtchaell, Nevile Wilkinson suggested Thomas Sadleir to succeed the deceased. However, Sadleir declined to accept the offer. He operated the Office of Arms in the capacity of Deputy Ulster King of Arms. The post of Athlone Pursuivant had never been filled since then.[2]

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