Athletics at the 1992 Summer Olympics – Men's pole vault

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These are the official results of the Men's Pole Vault event at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. There were a total number of 35 participating athletes. The qualification mark was set at 5.60 metres (six + six athletes).

The former Soviet vaulters, competing for the Unified Team in the aftermath of the Soviet Union continued to dominate the event they had swept 4 years earlier. By this time Sergey Bubka had further cemented his dominance, already pushing the world record to a height that has not been cleared by any other human being to this day. But Bubka seemed cursed at the Olympics, missing 1984 by boycott, and then failing to clear his opening height (two attempts at 5.70--41 cm below his world record and one at 5.75).

This was a remarkably clean competition, with only three athletes having a miss at a height that was not their best or better in the competition. Maksim Tarasov took gold with only three attempts, clean through 5.80. Igor Trandenkov equalled Tarasov, but took three attempts to clear 5.80. Javier García took bronze in his home town by clearing 5.75 on his second attempt, to edge American Kory Tarpenning who cleared it on his third.


GoldMaksim Tarasov
 Unified Team
SilverIgor Trandenkov
 Unified Team
BronzeJavier García


These were the standing world and Olympic records (in metres) prior to the 1992 Summer Olympics.

World Record 6.11 Ukraine Sergey Bubka Dijon (FRA) June 13, 1992
Olympic Record 5.90 Soviet Union Sergey Bubka Seoul (KOR) September 28, 1988


 Maksim Tarasov (EUN) 5.80 m
 Igor Trandenkov (EUN) 5.80 m
 Javier García (ESP) 5.75 m
4.  Kory Tarpenning (USA) 5.75 m
5.  David Volz (USA) 5.65 m
6.  Asko Peltoniemi (FIN) 5.60 m
7.  Philippe Collet (FRA) 5.55 m
8.  Yevgeny Krasnov (ISR) 5.40 m
9.  István Bagyula (HUN) 5.30 m
10.  Alberto Ruiz (ESP) 5.30 m
 Sergey Bubka (EUN) NM
 Tim Bright (USA)


1.  Sergey Bubka (EUN) 5.60 m
2.  Kory Tarpenning (USA) 5.60 m
3.  Alberto Ruiz (ESP) 5.55 m
4.  David Volz (USA) 5.55 m
5.  Jean Galfione (FRA) 5.50 m
6.  Philippe d'Encausse (FRA) 5.50 m
 Jani Lehtonen (FIN)
8.  Galin Nikov (BUL) 5.50 m
9.  Valeri Bukrejev (EST) 5.50 m
10.  Daniel Martí (ESP) 5.40 m
11.  Peter Widén (SWE) 5.40 m
12.  Doug Wood (CAN) 5.20 m
 Kersley Gardenne (MRI)
14.  Mike Edwards (GBR) 5.20 m
 Kim Chul-Kyun (KOR) NM
 Paul Gibbons (NZL)
 Hermann Fehringer (AUT) DNS

1.  Maksim Tarasov (EUN) 5.60 m
2.  Yevgeny Krasnov (ISR) 5.60 m
3.  Tim Bright (USA) 5.60 m
4.  Igor Trandenkov (EUN) 5.60 m
5.  Javier García (ESP) 5.55 m
6.  Asko Peltoniemi (FIN) 5.55 m
 István Bagyula (HUN)
8.  Philippe Collet (FRA) 5.55 m
9.  Edgar Díaz (PUR) 5.50 m
10.  Andrea Pegoraro (ITA) 5.40 m
11.  Simon Arkell (AUS) 5.30 m
12.  Christos Pallakis (GRE) 5.30 m
13.  Photis Stephani (CYP) 5.20 m
14.  Edward Lasquete (PHI) 5.00 m NR
15.  Nuno Fernandes (POR) 5.00 m
 Aleksandrs Obižajevs (LAT) NM
 Hiroyuki Sano (JPN)
 Thomas Riether (CHI)

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