Athletics at the 1912 Summer Olympics – Men's individual cross country

Men's cross country
at the Games of the V Olympiad
VenueStockholm Olympic Stadium
DateJuly 15
Competitors45 from 9 nations
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1912 Summer Olympics
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The Swedish competitors of the cross country race.

At the 1912 Summer Olympics, the men's individual cross country race was held as part of the athletics programme. It was the first appearance of the event. The competition was held on Monday, July 15, 1912.

Forty-five runners from nine nations competed.


The first three runners for each nation to finish in this race were also counted towards the team results.

Place Athlete Time
1  Hannes Kolehmainen (FIN) 45:11.6[1]
2  Hjalmar Andersson (SWE) 45:44.8
3  John Eke (SWE) 46:37.6
4  Jalmari Eskola (FIN) 46:54.8
5  Josef Ternström (SWE) 47:07.1
6  Albin Stenroos (FIN) 47:23.4
7  Ville Kyrönen (FIN) 47:32.0
8  Len Richardson (RSA) 47:33.5
9  Brynolf Larsson (SWE) 47:37.4
10  Johan Sundkvist (SWE) 47:40.0
11  Viljam Johansson (FIN) 48:03.0
12  Harry Hellawell (USA) 48:12.0
13  Klas Lundström (SWE) 48:45.4
14  Lauritz Christiansen (DEN) 49:06.4
15  Frederick Hibbins (GBR) 49:18.2
16  Ernest Glover (GBR) 49:53.7
17  Bror Fock (SWE) 50:15.8
18  Thomas Humphreys (GBR) 50:28.0
19  Olaf Hovdenak (NOR) 50:40.8
20  Parelius Finnerud (NOR) 51:16.2
21  Gustav Carlén (SWE) 51:26.8
22  Johannes Andersen (NOR) 51:47.4
23  Viggo Petersen (DEN) 53:00.8
24  Louis Scott (USA) 53:51.4
25  Väinö Heikkilä (FIN) 54:08.0
26  Gerhard Topp (DEN) 54:24.9
27  Gregor Vietz (GER) 54:40.6
28  Steen Rasmussen (DEN) 55:27.0
 Holger Baden (DEN) Did not finish
 Tell Berna (USA) Did not finish
 George Bonhag (USA) Did not finish
 Jean Bouin (FRA) Did not finish
 Joe Cottrill (GBR) Did not finish
 Nils Dahl (NOR) Did not finish
 Fritz Danild (DEN) Did not finish
 Matti Harju (FIN) Did not finish
 Edvin Hellgren (SWE) Did not finish
 Karl Jensen (DEN) Did not finish
 John Klintberg (SWE) Did not finish
 William Kramer (USA) Did not finish
 Axel Lindahl (SWE) Did not finish
 Aarne Lindholm (FIN) Did not finish
 Henrik Nordström (SWE) Did not finish
 Emmerich Rath (AUT) Did not finish
 William Scott (GBR) Did not finish


  1. Official Report of the 1912 Olympic Games.

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