Aston Manor Road Transport Museum

Aston Manor Road Transport Museum

The museum's former home in Witton
Established 14 November 1988 (1988-11-14)
Location Shenstone Drive Northgate, Aldridge, England
Coordinates 52°36′43″N 1°55′21″W / 52.611881°N 1.922368°W / 52.611881; -1.922368
Type Transport museum

Aston Manor Road Transport Museum is an independent transport museum in Aldridge, Walsall. Until December 2011 the Museum occupied the former Birmingham Corporation Tramways' Witton Tram Depot, in the Aston district of Birmingham, England, run by a registered charity.[1]

Buses at the Aston Manor Transport Museum

The museum hosted the 40th birthday party of Charles, Prince of Wales[2] on 14 November 1988, when he formally opened the museum.[2]

Following a decision by Birmingham City Council to cease funding the rent on the Witton Tram Depot,[3][4] it closed in October 2011 and between then and December that year, the collection was moved to the Beecham Business Park, home to the former Jack Allen dustcart assembly plant, in nearby Aldridge,.[5] Subsequently, the museum moved again, this time a short distance within Aldridge, to its present location in Shenstone Drive, Aldridge, where it opened to the public in July 2013. Since reopening, the museum has retained its bus collection but also added an increased number of light commercial vehicles on display.


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