Private Listed
Industry Financial Services
Founded August 2008 (August 2008)
Founder Nick Raphaely,
Steven Beinart
Headquarters Sydney, Australia
Services Secured loans, Personal asset loans , Collateral loan,
Number of employees
10 (2013)

Assetline is an Australian-based specialist in personal asset lending or pawn broker that offers short-term loans secured against collateral and personal assets such as jewellery, watches, gold, art, boat, cars, fine wine and other valuables.[1]


Assetline was established in 2013 by Nick Raphaely and Steven Beinart to offer investors, collectors and high-net-worth individuals a way of accessing funding and unlocking liquidity held in alternative assets, similarly to overseas counterparts such as borro.[2] Since the Global financial crisis there has been an increase in people and businesses looking past conventional banks and to alternative sources of funding, such as peer-to-peer lending and crowdsourcing finance.[3]

Assetline’s clients range from art collectors[4] and jewellers[5] to mortgage brokers and auction houses, and it has operations in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia.

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